I Am Woman @ TIFF

Unjoo Moon’s latest film is a biography depicting the life of singer, actress, and activist Helen Reddy. The movie is based on the biography “The Woman I Am” written after Reddy’s climb to superstardom with the song “I Am Woman”. While this film brings similar feelings of general frustration with biopics these days it is a well-made film that makes a poignant statement.

At already two hours long I understand that every specific aspect of Reddy’s life could not be captured. However, what was Moon’s motivation in leaving out the specifics of Reddy’s medical issues? Tilda Cobham-Harvey does an amazing portrayal of Helen. The recreation of televised performances and concerts give the film the energy and glitter that makes you understand the magic of Helen.

Several issues of equal pay, human rights, and right to work that were brought to light in the 1970’s are still relevant today. I feel the focus on a woman’s treatment is well placed and can only hope that men will have a more well defined example of toxic masculinity. If anything but to drive home the point that toxic masculinity will no longer be tolerated.

The film is currently seeking distribution. Someone please distribute the crap out of this film.

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