Curious George: Royal Monkey

What can really be said or written about this beloved monkey? Not much! This is a Curious George feature length film so kids are going to love it. That is pretty much all you need to know.

Ok, ok, if you really require more here it is.

Everyone’s favourite monkey gets himself into another crazy situation. All just for being himself. After interrupting a royal occasion, George finds himself being mistaken for the king’s equally stuck up monkey, Philippe, who has now assumed George’s place. A couple of cases of mistaken identity bring about plenty of laughs for everyone. Especially the viewer.

As this is a feature length animated film directed at children, of course there is a message. Here they can learn the importance of doing what it is you love. Almost by osmosis kids will absorb the message but what will keep them entertained will be all the fun this little brown monkey gets up to.

Special Features:


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