With over 60 million hits on YouTube for their song “Spirits”, I would bet that even if you are not familiar with the Strumbellas, you have heard that song and probably sung along. 

The Stumbellas is an Indie-folk-rock band with a hint of country. Originating from Toronto, Ontario, they have a unique sound, with a multitude of influences mixed in the batch, as each member brings something different to this musical table of country-folk-rock-indie delight. 

They first hit the mainstream spotlight and hard with their sensational release Hope in 2016 and with the success and adrenaline from that album, they continued to rise. 

This is such a
fun band to see and sing along with. They certainly do know how to interact
with their fans and they shed positivity and energy onto the crowd. 

Frontman Simon Ward was barefoot and comfortable on the stage wearing a loose white shirt and a brown leather vest. He is a 21st-century hippy (covered in tattoos) encouraging his fans to do the “ hippy dance” with him. Simon was friendly and humorous when he mentioned some of his music influences by saying, “ where I grew up there were two kinds of music – country and hip hop”, then he incorporated some rap in the song The Sheriff with a nod to Wu-Tang.

They ended their
set with “Spirit” to leave us with one of the best earworms of the year! 


Simon Ward – lead vocals, guitar.

David Ritter – vocals and keyboard.

Isabel Ritchie –
vocals, violin, and synth.

Jon Hembrey – lead guitar

Darryl James – bass 

Jeremy Drury –

Set List:

We Don’t Know

Young & Wild

In This Life


Left for Dead


Running Scared 

Sailor’s Blues

One Hand Up


We Were Young

The Sheriff –
with an added tribute to Wu-Tang Rap

I’ll Wait

Wild Sun