** WINNER: Special
Jury Prize, Venice Film Festival 2019 **

Official Selection: Telluride Film Festival 2019 **

**Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival 2019**

Young mother Joy Santos lives in a poor suburb of Manila with her daughter Angel and husband Dante, a small-time gangster. A violent outburst from Dante leads Joy to take dramatic action to protect herself and her child and she flees with her daughter to the presumed safety of the police. At first, Joy finds sympathy and support from the authorities and places her faith in the system to serve justice. However, as time passes with the odds stacked against her in a deeply patriarchal society, Joy begins to doubt the process will ever amount to restitution and begins, once again, to fear for her and Angel’s lives as the film accelerates towards it’s shocking conclusion.

DIRECTOR: Raymund Ribay Gutierrez
CAST: Max Eigenmann, Kristoffer King, Jorden Suan, Rene Durian


Screening #3: Sat. 9/14 at 9:15PM – Scotiabank 6