Live is celebrating 25 years since the launch of their debut and they are wrapping up their summer tour with Bush, (also celebrating 25 years) at CityFolk. The band all looked and sounded sensational and they jammed up a storm, “lighting crashes” and all!

They started their set with Selling the Drama, off of their second album. Frontman Kowalczyk expressed how he was enjoying the vibe in Ottawa and complimented the city. He said it wasn’t at all like his home town, which was not as “clean and pretty”. 

They proceeded to play Shit Towne and images of their town were projected on the screens behind the band. 

Kowalczyk’s iconic voice sounded sensational and strong as ever. The whole band was tight and the fans were giving them all their attention, singing and calling out to them. The band had two drum sets which added a nice thickness to their already perfect sound. 

Like many other musicians who have been using their platforms to comment on the current political situation in the USA,  Kowalczyk’s statements were about the need to love one another.  He passionately said, ”With everything that is going on now, we need to love each other as human beings.”


Ed Kowalczyk

Chad Taylor

Patrick Dahlheimer

Chad Gracey


1 Selling the Drama

2  Shit Towne

3  The Beauty of Grey

4  Lightning Crashes

5  I Alone

6  Operation Spirit

7  White, Discussion

8  Paint it Black (Rolling Stones cover)

9 Lakini’s Juice