A blast from the past, this 90’s group are on their way to becoming rock legends, as thousands of fans sang their songs word for word and at the top of their lungs. Maida’s voice is so unique and sweet. That edgy falsetto we all try to pull off but can’t quite.

Maida was spirited and humbled by the turn out when he looked out at the crowd saying “wow there are a lot of people here, this is going to be fun!” He was impressed with the city and the general atmosphere, “its a nice place to play and love in Canada.”

He mentioned his first visits to Toronto for a festival, and it was there where he was so inspired by the Tragically Hip, Maida said he knew then within the first 10 minutes what he wanted to be; an artist and not a performer.

It is close to election time in both the USA and Canada, and as most artists have, Our Lady Peace has taken a stance and are using their platform to voice out on current issues and debates.  

Maida noted that “we are living in dangerous times, we really fucked ourselves up.” And he urged that we all need to get back onto a better path. 


Raine Maida

Duncan Coutts

Steve Mazur

Jason Pierce


1 Hiding Place for Hearts

2 Superman’s Dead

3 Innocent

4 One Man Army

5 Do You Like It

6 Is Anybody Home

7 Somewhere Out There

8 Drop Me in the Water

9 Stop Making Stupid People Famous

10 Ballad of a Poet

11 Starseed

12 Clumsy