Art book

Bonsai | Penjing The Collections of the Montr al
Botanical Garden

Danielle Ouellet, author, Roger
Aziz, photographer

Available September 26, 2019

Montr al Botanical Garden is home to one of the most prestigious bonsai and
penjing collections outside Asia. For the first time, these works are presented
in a volume that illustrates the evolution of the esthetic tradition that
guides this horticultural art.

gallery of original photos included in Bonsai | Penjing The Collections of
the Montr al Botanical Garden
offers a privileged look at these
extraordinary collections. Miniaturized reflections of their natural
environment, these creations translate the world view of bonsai and penjing
masters from different philosophical traditions. Each of these works reflects a
profound respect of the esthetic criteria of great Asian traditions, while in
some cases integrating a North American artistic vision. 

author interviewed Quebec experts and artists who created these works; she also
travelled to Asia to meet with some of the most well-known bonsai and penjing
masters from that region. Danielle Ouellet presents a historical portrait of
this art form, while developing our understanding of the links to underlying
esthetic principles, which are the real key to interpreting these captivating
living sculptures.

and more people are trying their hand at bonsai art with North American
species. At the Botanical Garden, we maintain, grow and refine the trees in our
North American collection in order to show visitors what happens to a native
tree when traditional bonsai techniques are applied to it.” – ric Auger,
Curator of the bonsai collections at the Montr al Botanical Garden 

ultimate truth, for anyone who takes the time to contemplate one of these works
of art, is one’s personal emotional response to it, something experienced by
every member of the production team for this book. Now it’s your turn!”

Published by | LES AMIS DU


Artistic director | MARTINE

Photographer | ROGER AZIZ

Number of pages | 276

Format | 12.0625”L x 11”W x

ISBN | 978-2-9801218-5-2

Price | $74.95

Available in bookstores and
at Montreal’s Botanical Garden’s store