Th tre du Nouveau Monde: New Momentum for a Top Venue in Montr al

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and
Multiculturalism, announced $4 million in support from the Government of Canada
for the Th tre du Nouveau Monde to expand its creation spaces and reception

This funding, provided through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, will be used
to renovate some areas of TNM, including the lobbies and box offices; to add a
second rehearsal room; and to acquire specialized equipment to aid in the
creation and performance of innovative shows.

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund helps improve the physical conditions that
encourage innovation in the arts, heritage and creative sectors. The fund
supports renovation and construction projects as well as the acquisition of
specialized equipment and feasibility studies related to cultural spaces.


Our government is pleased to contribute to the new momentum of the Th tre
du Nouveau Monde. This important performance venue on Sainte-Catherine Street,
whose reputation is second to none, will benefit from improved facilities that
allow creators and artists to stage productions showcasing their talent. For
the public, it is a space where we experience a wide range of emotions. At TNM,
we laugh, we cry, we are surprised and we reconsider the world around us. It’s
fantastic! It’s vitally important for our government to invest in these
cultural spaces.”

—The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and

“On behalf of the board of the Th tre du Nouveau Monde and the members
of our great family, I would like to express my joy and gratitude for the
unwavering support that the Department of Canadian Heritage and Minister Pablo
Rodriguez have given to help make this dream of expansion a reality. The $4
million will enable the institution to confidently look to the future from the
comfort of a fantastic theatre venue, enriched by the imagination of bold and
innovative artists. Once again, the Government of Canada has demonstrated the
great importance it places on the vitality of our culture and on the
institutions that allow it to be recognized nationally and internationally.

—Lorraine Pintal, Artistic and General Director, Th tre du Nouveau Monde

Quick Facts

The Th tre du Nouveau Monde (TNM), founded in 1951 and located in the heart
of the Quartier des spectacles, is now a major cultural destination. It
welcomes over 150,000 audience members every season, including 10,500 members,
10,000 high school students at its matin es, 5,000 C GEP and university
students, and 120,000 customers at Caf du Nouveau Monde, which is located
under the same roof.

With its stage in use for over 300 days of the year, the TNM will present
seven shows in 2019–2020. This includes a reprise of La D tresse et
, which was a huge success when it was originally performed
two years ago.

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