Yesterday – 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Edition

Lives can change from one moment to the next. Definitely one day to the next. Usually not to this extent, though. One day millions of humans…maybe even billions…know and enjoy the music of legendary Liverpool band The Beatles and then at the dawn of the next day no one remembers their music. No one except Jack Malish (Himesh Patel – from television’s EastEnders). He was a struggling musician yesterday and today is the only human alive who remembers the Beatles’ songs.

A large worldwide blackout occurs and Jack is struck by a bus. Once he regains consciousness he discovers that only he remembers the music of the Beatles. Opportunity has knocked. Loudly. Jack, backed by his lifelong best friend Ellie (Lily James – Cinderella – 2015, Baby Driver) who has always believed in him, seizes it with both hands and begins to play Beatles songs. Success quickly follows. His driven manager Debra (Kate McKinnon – from television’s Saturday Night Live) is ecstatic. Everyone believes he has written these songs. The world falls in love with them again. The downside of it all is that Jack risks losing his best friend.

Heartwarming. Nostalgic. The magic of a good song or songs. How music unites. How a secret can destroy. All this and more make up director Danny Boyles’ (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) latest film. At its heart (which is rather large) is the moral conundrum of whether something can be seen as successful if there is a lie at the middle of it? This question causes Jack to realize what he thought he was looking for is not what he was seeking afterall.

Though it is a film which was marketed as a rather light ditty there are plenty of deep issues going on. If you care to make that extra effort you will be rewarded. Living a lie. Be yourself. All rather large questions which many of us has to confront at one point in our lives. All involved in the film are up to the task of dealing with the light as well as heavy moments. The actors all do their part and director Boyle keeps his touch just the right amount of light.

Mostly it is the universal nature of the film which will capture those who watch it. The characters are well developed and relatable. Story is original to boot.

Loads of fun. Comedy. Drama. Romance. Some might find the love story part of Yesterday a little forced or excessive, but those people are probably related to Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. Though it is a romantic comedy it is a well paced and rather original one. That is not something which often happens in the genre. Take a chance and invest yourself in this film; you won’t regret it.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Alternate Ending

-Deleted Scenes

-Live at Abbey Road Studios

-Alternate Opening

-Gag Reel

-A Talented Duo

-Playing for Real

-Soul Mates

-Ed Sheeran: From Stadium to Screen

-Agent of Comedy: Kate McKinnon

-A Conversation with Richard & Ed

-Feature Commentary with Director Danny Boyle and Writer/Producer Richard Curtis

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