Marching for the Future of the Planet – Climate Change March Montreal

Continuing on with the climate change marches that took place last Friday in other parts of the world, Montreal is stepping up tomorrow. We are not the only ones as according to many activist groups, around 860 cities around the world have demonstrations planned for September 27. Youth are taking up the cause which other generations have let fall. The climate change issue is the biggest one facing every single inhabitant on this planet. We, especially in the West, have damaged it to the point where it is debatable whether we can reverse the damage…or even slow it down. But we cannot stop forcing the issue; it is that important.

The City of Montreal has said they expect over 300,000 people to take place in the march. Meeting place is George-Etienne-Cartier statue on Mount Royal at 11 a.m. Those with limited mobility can join the march by meeting at Place de la Paix, on St-Laurent. The march is set to begin at noon. All in all the marching portion of the day should last about 4 hours with the route believed to be south on Parc Avenue, east on Sherbrooke, go south on St-Laurent and then continue west on Rene-Levesque. Though one of the organizers has stated that they will keep the exact route under wraps for security reasons.

Once at the end of the march the event is not over as there will be speeches, including one by climate activist Greta Thunberg. Montreal mayor Valerie Plante will be giving Thunberg keys to the city during this portion of the event. Official end time is said to be 7 p.m.

Further Information:

-Several roads and highways will be closed as a result. Please consult the Ville de Montreal website for further details.

-In a release, Plante did mention that STM will be free for everyone on the 27th. As will public transit on Montreal’s North and South shores.

-Bixis will also be free from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

– In anticipation of the big march, several school boards, universities, and CEGEPs in Montreal have cancelled classes.

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