La Distributrice de films and Chasseurs films are pleased to announce the theatrical release of Symphony in Aquamarine, by filmmaker Dan Popa, which explores our connection with the sea, where poetry and daydreams merge. Acclaimed during the last edition of the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), the film received the Special Jury Prize – Canadian Feature and the Best New Talent From Québec/Canada award. Symphony in Aquamarine will open in Montreal on September 20 at the Cinémathèque québécoise and on September 28 at Cinéma Moderne.

The movie will also be presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) on September 27 and 29.


Symphony in Aquamarine is
a sensory and haptic exploration of our relationship to water, the sea and the
ocean. Filmed on four continents, Dan Popa is a spectral observer of the lives
of sea workers, modern fishermen, but also everyday people rubbing shoulders at
the beaches, or scanning the horizon. Symphony in Aquamarine is a
tribute to life and the indomitable desire to belong to the world, a poem in 4
acts with a maritime backdrop and traditional music that invites the viewer to
travel along, not as an observer, but as a witness to the camaraderie, or the
solitude that binds people together.


Partitions for Aquamarine – exhibition – from
September 13 to November 3rd at the Cinémathèque québécoise

Dan Popa offers you an intimate look at the
relationship of man to his aquatic environment. In synchrony with the
theatrical release, on September 20, of the feature Symphony in
, the installation offers an expanded showcase and exceeds the
cinematic framework. Mixing panoramic projections, artifacts and photographs
taken during the four years of filming, the exhibition plunges the viewer into
the deep tones of the maritime landscape.

This exhibition benefited from the collaboration of the
Canada Council for the Arts
and Post-Moderne.

About the filmmaker

A Montrealer of Romanian origins, director Dan Popa
graduated in film production at Concordia University and works in film and
design. In 2006, with his colleague Robert Reis, he created the collective
Natali film. In his work, we find a new exploration, as much in the narrative
form as in the treatment of the image. Always seeking to create contemporary
cinema, he works in multiple new media languages. Symphony in Aquamarine
(2018), his first feature film, continues the poetic exploration of human
nature facing its world in transition.


Documentary written and directed by par Dan Popa

Quebec/Canada, 2018, 78 minutes.

In its original French, English and Romanian version
with English and French subtitles.

Dan Popa | Editing: Dan Popa | Sound: Benoît Dame | Original music: Les soeurs
Osianiu | Production: Laurent Allaire (Chasseurs films) | Distribution: La
Distributrice de films




de cinéma de la ville de Québec (FCVQ)

International Film Festival (VIFF)