Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – On Firm Ground/Tierra Firme

After having won two Junos and Grammys, Jane Bunnett and her all-female band Maqueque comprised of Cuban musicians. This is their third studio album and on the 12 tracks here they bring it hard in the musicality and energy levels. This is jazz like you have not heard it before. The collective’s leader is Canadian song writer, flute and saxophonist Jane Bunnett. While she is the center of the group each member brings their own magic. Dummer Yissy Garcia powers them forward, pianist Danae Olano contributes three songs she wrote, bassist Tailin Marrero adds beauty, and the newest member, vocalist Joanna Majoko injects plenty of soul via her voice. The chemistry between these women is something you cannot fake and comes through on all the tracks. Many songs feature innovative arrangements, plenty of rhythm, powerful percussion sections, and solos in which each member gets their chance in the spotlight. Because great music you get the warm feeling brought forth by people who truly enjoy playing together.

Track Listings

1. La Linea (The Line Up)
2. Monkey See Monkey Do
3. Momentum
4. On Firm Ground
5. Habana de Noche (Havana at Night)
6. Sky High
7. The Occurance (to Amelie)
8. Reencuentro (Re-United)
9. Broken Heart
10. Mystery of Jane’s House
11. Pa’ Con Paz
12. Musica en El Alma (Music in the Soul)

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