Travel the world from home with Wanderlust Travel Stories | OUT NOW ON PC, Mac & iOS

Travel the world from home

Wanderlust Travel Stories – a critically acclaimed text-driven adventure from the creators of The Witcher

Wanderlust Travel Stories, the critically acclaimed narrative-driven adventure game about travel, is out on PC, Mac, and iOS this September 26!

What to pack? When to leave? Where to stay? What to say to a stranger?

From the creators of The Witcher comes this one-of-a-kind text-based adventure game that puts you in the shoes of modern globe-trotting travelers. Decide what to do, look after your mental and physical health, and navigate the emotional journey as you explore real-world locations!

300,000+ words of adventure, 12+ hours of playtime.Real-world locations gorgeously illustrated with original, bespoke photography.Your mood, stress, and fatigue impact the way you observe the world.Grounded and relatable stories – four travelers driven by hope and curiosity, the search for love, or the need to deal with grief.Inspired by real-life journeys, created by a team of travelers, journalists, artists, and game developers.Documentary, journalism, slice of life – come face to face with the melting polar caps, the impact of the tourism industry, the meaning of life.But perhaps most importantly, Wanderlust Travel Stories is slow gaming. You don’t have to rush. You don’t have to fight. This is your journey and you decide the pace of your adventure. Relax to the calming original soundtrack. Give yourself space to think and feel. 
Wanderlust Travel Stories releases on September 26, 2019 for $19.99 on PC and Mac via Steam and, also available on iOS, iPadOS and tvOS.iPhone/iPad/AppleTV:

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