Always in Season

In today’s world despite the fact that we think we have access to everything. That no matter what you do it is captured on video of some sort. The truth is still something which often eludes us. Especially when it comes to crimes. Those in power can still “hide” things.

It is horrifying to contemplate what this mother had to go through. It is horrible enough to lose your son, but in this way…no words. That it was made to look like a suicide though it was a lynching…The fact that it is happening in the United States today means that race relations in that country (and most likely others) have not gotten any better.

For over a century blacks in the U.S. have been victims of lynching. There is a whole psychology behind lynchings. That they are public and are like a “sign” for others. A warning that this is what happens to you if you are black. It has been labeled as a message crime. Always in places where the body would be seen.

White people cannot claim to not know. They are public. If the African-American community sees it so do white people. There is no attempt to hide it.

This is a documentary that is going to bring up many emotions. Anger. Shame. Horror. Disgust. It will open your eyes. It will tear apart your heart. Ignorance can no longer be claimed after seeing it. You can no longer claim you had no idea.

Besides the obvious murders and violence against blacks, what should also anger you is the fact that all of it is being dismissed or even worse, swept under the rug. Like black lives are not worth much. Shines spotlight on how a crime like this not only affects the immediate family, but the entire community as well.

Filming for this documentary, by Jacqueline Olive, began back in 2010. You see how many families this type of racial terrorism (cannot consider it to be anything else) has affected. Rather frightening. Then how the families in this particular documentary feel a link due to it. A little bit stronger because they are part of a community.

Realizing that at its essence that this was a story about people, Jacqueline Olive makes sure the human element in all this is not lost. History is used to show a pattern. That violence against blacks has never stopped. Some stats are given though are not made the focal point. How Lennon Lacy’s mother Claudia had to fight and fight to find out the truth. Which she still has not gotten. How disgusting it is that these hangings are public. Film makes you feel the horror.

Connections are drawn from the past to the present. The link is shown how racial violence exists within a particular climate. How institutions like police are still structured in a way which is oppressive to blacks.

All this is done in the hope of reconciliation. That whites can see this as a call to action. That we can no longer accept that this is still the world we live in. That we can no longer stand by as young black men (and women and children) are killed just because of the colour of their skin.

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