Doom: Annihilation – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

As we have almost irreversibly destroyed the planet we live on, space exploration becomes more and more important for humans. While conducting scientific experiments on one of the moons of Mars – the darkest moon Phobos – the crew finds an ancient portal which allows for teleportation anywhere in the universe.

Initially it is lauded as the greatest discovery ever. Shortly it becomes apparent that the portal is actually a gateway to hell. Through it comes hoardes of demons which look to steal the souls of all humans they come in contact with. Lieutenant Joan Dark (played by Amy Manson) leads a crew of Marines with the desperate goal of destroying them all before they can completely take over Earth.

Even though most of us would not expect much from the latest Doom film it is even worse than I could have thought. Yes, it is a direct to video film, so expectations had to be tempered, but still…

Tapping in on the release of the upcoming video game, Doom Eternal, this film was obviously hurried along. As good as the video game is (Doom has established itself as one of the more consistent and influential games ever) is as poor as most of the films have been excluding the Rock lead first one.

If nothing else, action films are supposed to boast impressive and adrenaline rush action. We don’t generally expect Oscar worthy scripts or acting so the special effects and fights are what we cling to. That cannot be said here. Most of the fault for the poor action must be laid at the feet of the budget. Obviously they did not even have the money to devote to upper scale effects. Sorry for the pun, but that means the film was doomed from the get go.

Special Features:

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