Inside Man: Most Wanted – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

The title of this film teeters on the click bait territory. Because of the name of it (Inside Man) and that it was a highly watchable Spike Lee helmed film, I am sure plenty will check it out. Expecting something of the same calibre. In plain English, it is not even close. Full stop. They try to tie to the two films together desperately even going so far as having one scene with Denzel Washington’s photo on the wall.

What is basically a heist/hostage thriller ends up falling flat due to execution. The end game is let down by a weak story and flat acting. Totally feels like a cable tv type cop drama. Lead actor Aml Ameen is especially annoying as he is trying to hard to be a character which can best bee described as a mash up of Will Smith and Eddie Murphy. Sometimes actors are guilty of trying too hard.

A copycat heist has gone down at the Federal Reserve Bank. It is being led by Ariella Barash (Roxanne McKee – from television’s Dominion), a woman with a rapier sharp mind. Two are brought in to get the hostages taken out safely – NYPD hostage negotiator Remy Darbonne (Aml Ameen – The Maze Runner, Yardie) and FBI agent Dr. Brynn Stewart (Rhea Seehorn – from television’s Better Call Saul).

The first problem Darbonne and Stewart have to navigate is working together as they are complete opposites. As they continue on, they begin to realize that Barash’s main motivation is not money; she is looking to gain something else.

My advice is to watch the original if you haven’t already. And if you have seen the original Inside Man then check out the Netflix series Money Heist as it is a much better version of this story.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

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