in advance of its official launch at Quai des Brumes

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 Indie MontréalIMTL Press is excited to announce
that the new album from Julien
 Nagasaki Mon Amour is streaming
exclusively via VOIR
. It will be officially released on October 4.
The band will present its entire album at Quai des Brumes during
a free 5-à-7 that will include Japanese-themed surprises
on October

Simultaneously disenchanted and wacky, Julien Gris is a postmortem character created by Vincent, Kevin, Jean-François and Samuel, 4 musicians united under the moniker since 2017.

Nagasaki Mon Amour is the quartet’s debut effort, referencing Alain Renais’ Hiroshima Mon Amour, itself an adaptation of the Marguerite Duras novel. Inspired by an obsession with Japan, it was recorded and produced by Nicolas Matte, aka Caouet Calumette (IDALGLemongrab). The francophone album’s eleven songs harken back to the yé-yé years, the Cold War and the beginning of rock & roll with bands like The Sex Pistols and Velvet Underground. The album’s debut single “L’Amour à l’Américaine” was recorded in Thetford Mines during a live session in the MixBus. A second single “Les Mots” is due out October 4.

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Album launch – Nagasaki Mon Amour
Saturday, October 5th
Quai des Brumes | 4481 Saint-Denis
5@7 * free * 
Doors: 5pm
Show : 6pm

About Julien Gris  
Julien Gris is a man of thoughts from the first half of the 20th century. Born in Hamburg, around 1916-1917, he died in Montreal during the mid 60s. From French-German roots, he seems to have, all of his life, held many pseudonyms (mostly known being « Julien Gris »). Following the rise of communism and the disaster of the first World War, his family decides to escape to the United-States. He grows up through the roaring twenties and the great depression. Raised from the german aristocracy, his relatives have trouble adapting to the conditions caused by their exile.

He leaves few evidence of his work, but still is renowned within some of his contemporaries, notably George Orwell, G. D. Salinger, William S. Burroughs and Bob Dylan. Poet, Orator, painter, polemist, pianist and polyglot, he lived in many cities, such as New York, Tangier, London and Montreal.

Upon arriving in Montreal in the beginning of the 60s, Julien is already a thing from the past. He dwells in some strange and excessively narrow shanty, although high of 5 floors (it was heard that it was just as large as a refrigerator). Ruined, severe and profoundly cynical, he sleeps a bit and he is known to have the excessive mania to write at all time. He no longer believes in progress, thinking that humanity has entered, since the 2nd World War, a prolonged decline. He is often seen in various coffee shops on St-Catherine street, sitting solitary. He rapidly builds the reputation of a madman and becomes the laughing stock of the town’s intelligentsia. His slogan and popular saying: «Go wash your hands.» He dies in a road accident in 1966.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of his own death, he decides to reincarnate himself. However, his spirit being too vast to be held in a single vessel, he resigns to divide himself in 3 mens and a half. He finally chooses his inheritors as the members of The Magic Petshop Train & The Volunteers, a music formation composed of 4 musicians including Vincent Bordeleau, Jean-François Lebel, Kevin Mathieu and Samuel Malenfant-Turgeon, who later decide to opt for the name of Julien Gris.