Elliott Morgan: Holy Sh*t

What could be funnier than listening to a guy talk about his divorce, hyper-religious upbringing and jump back into the dating pool? Not much is the answer.

Elliott Morgan began as many do nowadays – on YouTube. He eventually gained almost 2 million rather rabid fans. He then went on to become a TV host. His style of observational humour obviously hit the mark with loads of comedy fans. Holy Sh*t is his second hour long comedy special.

Most of what this special consists of was not at all what I was expecting. Starting off with the fact that the show was filmed (directed by Sharon Everitt) inside a Cantor’s Deli! Smoked meat and laughs? Interesting combo! Actually, Holy Sh*t takes place in a room behind the deli – Kibitz Room – set up for exactly this sort of thing. Tiny! And by tiny I mean he is definitely hitting those at the front row tables with his spittle.

Elliott was born in Florida. Central Florida. Which, according to him, is the cultural equivalent of a hot dog (stuffed with mystery things). Intrigued? Again, who would mine this for funny stuff?!? Well, Elliott has. Pair this with the fact that he was brought up in an uber religious household and you have got plenty of stuff to laugh at (while at the same time wondering how Elliott turned out in any way normal).

Another big chunk of his set is his divorce. First, that because of the way he was brought up getting a divorce meant you were going to hell. After unpacking all the emotions related to that then Elliott decides to try dating. Because he hasn’t dated in a while, boy, has it changed. Or so he discovers. Now he has to navigate online dating and Tinder.

For me, the funniest part of his set involves Hollywood actress Olivia Munn. I won’t ruin it, but will say that it involves flirting and poop.

You can get this Comedy Dynamics special on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, and Vimeo.

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