Dean Lewis @ MTelus – October 4, 2019

This was an evening of teenage girl dreams. Two young sensitive men singing their hearts out. Divulging their feelings and thoughts set to music. On an evening in which the temperature sealed the fact that summer is over, inside a toasty and filled to the brim MTelus Canadian Scott Helman and Aussie Dean Lewis had them swaying to the music, singing along to the lyrics with their eyes closed, hugging their friends, and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Despite the fact that Dean Lewis is fairly new on the scene having released his debut album just this past spring, it seemed like all those in attendance were very familiar with his music. Each of the 16 songs (though full disclosure one was a The Killers cover) feaured the over one thousand mostly young women singing right along with Dean Lewis. They knew all the words and, because he told us he woke up with a scratchy throat and might need some help with the high notes, took over completely on several occasions.

The crowd was fully invested from the get go. It seems like artist and audience had built up quite a relationship over the three visits he had made to the city over the past year. Montreal loves Dean Lewis and he loves them. Energy was high throughout his 70 minute set.

On stage he is conversational, as he chatted with the audience in between most songs, and laid back. Laid back in personality, but when it came to performing his songs the energy level was high. He fed off crowd and they fed off him.

Soundwise his music is acoustic fueled pop music. Lewis’s vocals sound the same live as they do on his records. That is despite the scratchy throat. Which is good because his songs deal with issues of the heart. Listening to them coupled with what he told the audience about several, it became apparent he has had plenty of relationships and broken up with plenty of women. Bad for his heart, but good for his songwriting.

A perfect example of this was his biggest hit “Be Alright”. Lewis moved from center stage, put down his acoustic guitar and sat down at an electric keyboard stage right. With the first notes a cheer erupted and another group sing along occured. One of those great live music moments when you become acutely aware of the power of a good song. A song which a large number of people connect to. Magical.

Opening up the evening was Canadian Scott Helman. It was just the young musician, his acoustic guitar and his voice. Again the audience was locked in and singing along from the beginning. Over his 30 minutes on stage he ran through some of his crowd pleasing songs like “Ripple Effect”, “Machine” and “Hang Ups”.


  1. Hold of Me
  2. Need You Now
  3. A Place We Knew
  4. Stay Awake
  5. Chemicals
  6. Lose My Mind
  7. Half a Man
  8. Time to Go
  9. Don’t Hold Me
  10. Let Go
  11. Be Alright
  12. 7 Minutes
  13. When We Were Young (The Killers Cover)
  14. For the Last Time


15. Straight Back Down

16. Waves

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