Twenty previously unreleased tracks for you to discover. This is Ian & Sylvia, one of the best loved bands out of the American folk music era. They came onto the scene in the early 1960s in New York performing alongside Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. All this despite the fact that they are Canadian. They went on to sell hundreds of thousands of albums – together and as solo artists.

Recently Sylvia was cleaning up and discovered these songs. Long forgotten. All were recorded in a studio in front of an audience. Some are songs which most have not heard before while others are beloved classics. The sound is their typical mix of country and pop.

The first disc is filled with, and subtitled, Ian & Sylvia classics. Folk music at its best. Over the 13 tracks here you begin to understand what they were about. Folk music. “I’ll Fly Away”, “Nancy Whisky” and “Little Beggarman” have never sounded better. The second disc, called Previously Unreleased, is basically covers. It features a more country sound. Here you get “Come On in My Kitchen” and “Starting All Over Again”.

What comes through in a strong way is how timeless their music is. “Four Strong Winds” will never sound dated. It is a classic. Both Ian and Sylvia’s voices are strong, harmonies are heavenly and the band, the Great Speckled Bird, is tight. Makes you sad over the fact that they broke up in 1975…wondering what else they could have produced if they had remained together.

Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Keep On The Sunny Side
2. Darcy Farrow
3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
4. When First Until This Country
5. Come All Your Fair and Tender Ladies
6. Four Rode By
7. Nancy Whiskey
8. Four Strong Winds
9. Little Beggarman
10. The French Song
11. Summer Wages
12. Crazy Arms
13. I’ll Fly Away
Disc: 2
1. After The Fire Is Gone
2. Heartaches By The Number
3. Sweet Dreams
4. Come On In My Kitchen
5. Jimmie’s Texas Blues
6. How Long
7. The Last Thing On My Mind
8. That’s The Way Love Goes
9. Crying Time
10. Starting All Over Again
11. Together Again
12. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
13. The Goodnight Loving Trail