While flying through Syrian airspace, Israel Defense Forces pilot Major Ronan Jackson (played by Devon Sawa), who is also the son of U.S. senator Jackson (played by Robert Patrick) is shot down. Chance is smiling upon him as he survives. Though that is where his luck ends as Ronan is taken captive by Hezbollah militiamen.

A team is assembled under Sergeant Dave Flores (played by Amaury Nolasco) in order to rescue Ronan. They are risk their lives for a man they have never met.

When it comes to story, acting, directing, etc. (all the backbones of films) this is a rather poor effort. Though it is not without its redeeming qualities. Namely the action sequences and special effects. Overlook the terrible dialogue and focus on the blood splattering and mighty explosions.

Special Features:

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