Alien – Special Presentation

This year at Festival du Nouveau Cinema they are featuring a screening (which will have all sci fi fans jumping for joy) of all four of the Alien films. Back to back to back to back. It will take some endurance or you can pick and choose which one(s) you want to see. Special opportunity in conjunction with the original film’s 40th birthday.

On its 40th anniversary, a newly restored edition of the Ridley Scott classic sci fi film, Alien from 1979. This is one the best film examples of psychological horror melded with sci fi. Scary and visually impressive.

A mining ship lands on Earth in order to investigate a received SOS. During the course of their investigation an alien attaches itself to the face of a crew member. The crew try to separate the two, but cannot. Soon all seven members of the crew are affected. One by one they all are killed.

Sigourney Weaver stars as the tough ship’s captain. She will have to fight for her life against a creature as deadly as it is ugly.

Here are trailers for the other three Aliens films:


Alien 3:

Alien Resurrection:

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