This was a groundbreaking series in many ways. With its nudity, language, dark themes, sex scenes, and homosexuality it broke through many boundaries. HBO certainly has proven itself over the years time and time again to be willing to push television boundaries forward. This was one of the original landmark series for HBO.

While the Sopranos were one type of family on HBO the Fishers were another. A little more repressed, a little more odd and a lot more rebellious. They are not your typical white family living in the suburbs.

The Fishers are very good at what they do. Providing a smaller, family run funeral parlor option for people in Los Angeles. But when it comes to their lives outside the family business…well, they are a mess. All of them. David (played by Michael C. Hall) is still dealing with his sexuality and relationships. Ruth (played by Frances Conroy) is figuring out where she fits in the world. Nate (played by Peter Krause) is adjusting to his health issue and relationship with Brenda (played by Rachel Griffiths. And Claire (played by Lauren Ambrose) has her hands full with love.

All the personal stuff aside, Fisher & Sons is still having to fend off attacks from conglomerate Kroehner. Not willing to sell to them, Nate and David have to keep their wits about them or they will go under.

Season two features appearances by Lili Taylor, Adam Scott, Mare Winningham, Molly Parker, and Patricia Clarkson.

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