Announces New Album, Out 3/20/20



On “Be the One,” Freeman states, “When I first heard this song, I thought it was a great tune and quickly suggested it to the band as a potential cover. I say cover but what we turned out is more of a ‘version’ really – we changed it up and wanted to add some FREEMAN elements but also just allow this banging tune to steer the direction. We had a tonne of fun working on it and recording it. A groovy and cool tune, we are excited to offer our take on it.” 

The upcoming album recalls themes of the 60s and 70s free love movement and encapsulates the bittersweet nature of romance and heartbreak-– it merges nostalgia with the present, marrying retro vibes with modern edges.  “Whether he’s channelling Jagger, Dylan, Petty, Bowie, or whoever; he’s doing it damn well.” (Alternative Addiction) The lyrics follow the narrative of feeling isolated and alone in a city filled with people, until the perfect person comes around to help ease the pain.

In 2018, FREEMAN released his debut album Truth, which was recorded live at vintage studio Eastcote using a tape and analogue set up, adding to FREEMAN’s authentically classic sound. The first five singles from Truth have all picked up BBC radio play, including a live session at BBC London and “BBC featured artist of the week.” Freeman has hit 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners this year.

About Charlie Freeman:

FREEMAN’s creative work doesn’t stop at music, as his acting career began in
mid-2017 and includes a starring role in QIYI (Chinese Netflix) film, Chinatown
Cannon, as well as lead roles in short films Defector and A Friend in Need. Two
of his songs were included in Chinatown Cannon; the success of the film has led
to a 60-day tour of China scheduled for March 2019, via one of China’s leading
tour promoters, Magic Sounds. FREEMAN’S international endeavours also include
offers for tours in Brazil, Cuba (where he lived as a teenager), potentially
acting as a support band on an extensive tour of Germany, and an interest in
touring the U.S. 

FREEMAN continues to craft “heartfelt, charming…tracks that are warm, cosy
and sweet with some swagger and fun thrown in to keep you singing along and
bopping between the emotional tears.” (Indie Buddie) Stay tuned for more
from FREEMAN, leading up to LOVE’s release and more exciting announcements
throughout 2019 and beyond, including international tours throughout the Fall.