VeggieTales: The Best Christmas Gift

Cartoon vegetables. Strange enough. Then when you add in the fact that this series has a Christian/religious slant, it all adds up to an animated series which is a little left of center.

This is the Christmas special of VeggieTales. Bob and Terry are putting on their first show in Mr. Nezzer’s theatre. It is to be a Christmas show. Instead of the Christmas feeling there is doubt in the air. Especially for Bob, as he feels everything that can go wrong is. Then they begin to think about the first Christmas. Things were going wrong then too and then everyone remembered that even in bad times God is with you. Hope returns!

Lesson that is shared here is that it is expecially in tough times that Christmas is important. The spirit, family and faith it brings with it. Joy and hope must be sought in tough times.

Still not sure about a talking tomato, cucumber, rhubarb and asperagus….strange.

Special Features

-Introducing: The VeggieTales Show

-Silly Song Karaoke: Endangered Love

-Silly Song Karaoke: Pizza Angel

-Behind the Scenes: Silly Song Remixes


-Episode Commentary

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