Rueful Warrior

Peace is never a simple concept. Keeping it seems even harder. But we have to do better. No matter if the person is different from us. That is exactly the premise this short sci-fi film revolves around.

What is it about sci-fi that it always tackles such universal themes? It is interesting that a genre that often includes violence or fighting/action sequences is tackling peace here. People, no matter what species or part of the universe you come from, getting along.

Alien soldier Yalalia (Michelle Fahrenheim) seems to be in a constant state of battle with soldiers from the planet Earth. She doesn’t go looking for it; it just seems to find her.

She is on Earth to collect water to enable the survival of her own planet. Though she is not looking to fight for what her people need, she seems to be continuously drawn into a battle, no matter who comes face to face with.

The purpose of the film, written and directed by Mark Owen (tv mini series Why Should I?), is to illustrate clearly the futility of war. That, in the end, no matter what side you end up on – winners or losers, it in most instances achieves nothing. And that the causes for war are usually stupid. Usually a lack of courage, communication and misunderstandings that get out of control.

Two fun things about the film is how it shows how women, in combat, can be seen as equals to men and it is done in that fun and nostalgic (for some) style of similar films from the 1980s.

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