New Velashape III at Epiderma

leading medical-aesthetic care network, Epiderma, is equipping its 26 clinics
with the new generation VelaShape III unit, a state-of-the-art technology
for the treatment of cellulite, body contouring and lymphatic drainage.

an initial investment of roughly $85,000 per clinic, for a total exceeding
$2 million, this move is part of an extensive equipment renewal plan
introduced by Epiderma for 2019–2020.

on the trials conducted by Epiderma, the VelaShape III delivers
significant benefits to clients such as treatments with little to no discomfort
or pain, noticeably better results, and significantly shorter sessions and
treatment plans. For example, the cellulite treatment plan will no longer
require 10 sessions, but only 6 while the body contouring plan will require 4
instead of 10.

are always on the lookout for the most effective and safest technologies on the
market, and we are proud to acquire the VelaShape III to benefit our
clients. Over the years, our experience with Candela medical devices has proven
to be very positive which, among many other factors, was considered when making
our choice,” says Pierre Montminy, President of Epiderma.

tested for more than ten years with 5 million independent treatments
worldwide, VelaShape is a body treatment solution for body contouring. This is
the only non-invasive treatment approved by the FDA to reduce the appearance of
cellulite and the circumference of the treated area. This technology has been
the subject of the largest number of published studies on medical body
remodeling devices with a 97% satisfaction rate among those treated.

About Epiderma

by the desire to offer its clients a personalized, professional and safe
service, Epiderma provides anti-wrinkle injection, skin peel,
microdermabrasion, varicose veins, couperose, facial care, skin tag, cellulite
and hand rejuvenation treatments as well as body contouring, laser tattoo
removal, and laser hair removal services in addition to offering an exclusive
line of specialized cosmetic products. With over 250,000 clients, Epiderma has
provided 2.5 million treatments to date. Founded in Quebec in 2000, it has
rapidly become a leader in the field of medical aesthetics with 26 clinics and
over 180 employees in Quebec and Ontario. For more information visit our
website at The Epiderma network is owned by Medicart, a joint venture between
Walter Capital Partners and Pierre Montminy.

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