The Dog Doc

Dogs have been dubbed man’s best friend and yet we (humans) don’t treat them very well. From how much time we spend with them to what type of food we feed them, they deserve better. Dr. Marty Goldstein has been a vet for over four decades and is determined to bring a more holistic approach to pet care.

In this documentary, directed by Cindy Meehl, we follow around several of the vets and their four legged patients who work under Dr. Marty Goldstein at his clinic in New York state called Smith Ridge Veterinary Center. What goes on here is not what happens at your typical vet clinic.

Dr. Goldstein is a pioneer in integrative medicine for animals. This came about as when he was a young vet he ate crap, worked too much and generally felt awful. His physician told him about supplements, proper diet and alternative treatments. Goldstein felt like a new man afterwards and a light went off that made him wonder “why don’t we do this for animals?”

He began to innovate treatments involving vitamin C drips, cryogenic surgery and supplements. Though many within his field have called him a quack, his success stands for itself. The man is on to something. His combination of traditional medicine with alternative treatments seems to be working at a great rate.

Meehl’s camera gives you an inside look at the treatments/surgeries and the relationship the doctors working at Goldstein’s clinic have with their patients and their owners. These are animals who have been brought to many vets and have been given no hope. Most come to Dr. Goldstein having been told the only option is to put their animals down. Without being obtrusive we follow a couple of patients and their families on their journey to health.

Giving this a healthy dose of realism is the fact that not all cases are success stories. One particular dog does not make it. Yet still you see the months that was given to this dog in his fight for life.

The fundamental idea behind all of what Dr. Goldstein does is treating the animal’s overall health to help them combat the disease (cancer, kidney disease, etc.) they are fighting. A stronger body will result in a strong immune system.

We also get the opportunity to see the work of a vet from their perspective. The joys and the heartbreaks. How good they feel after the triumphs and how crushed after the defeats.

The Dog Doc brings us a picture of the future of veterinary medicine. Healing the whole body not just treating the disease. A combination of traditional and non-traditional medicine. Most people love their animals like they do family members, so it is about time that our dealing with their diets and health gets better.

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