Vintage synth sounds of Dream System 8, featuring Emmy-winner (“Stranger Things,” “American Horror Story”) David Klotz, return with new single.

Addictive love song’s moving lyrics, vocal come courtesy of band mate Erica Elektra on “I Like The Way That You Hold Me,” out today via Minty Fresh.

Dream System 8 is a synth-based pop duo out of Los Angeles
that combines the talents of veteran musicians Erica Elektra
and David Klotz. The band has followed up its debut album We
Sleep Again
with a new single“I Like The Way That You Hold Me”out today.

Recording with synths and gear dating to the early 1980’s – a large assortment
of Rolands, Korgs, and Yamahas,
the Crumar Performer, LinnDrum LM-2, and Omnichord
System 100
Dream System 8’s sound emerges from
these origins of artifice with natural-sounding pop songs inspired by Vangelis,
The Human League, Tangerine Dream, and Duran

“I hit stop while we were recording and saying ‘Wait a second, is this a love
song? Did we just write our first love song?,” Klotz remembers
about the session for “I Like The Way That You Hold Me”.

Our album We Sleep Again is filled with songs about break-ups, loss and
grief, so this new song is a welcome departure. When Erica and
I met each other years ago, we were both in a post-break-up fog and the album
we made was reflective of that. But in the last year, Erica
and I both met new partners and now we’re both happier and in better places in
our lives.”

With that, Klotz and Elektra agreed to try
something different.

“I came across an old Pro Tools session, something I started years ago,” Klotz
says. “I didn’t think there was much of a space for a vocal, but Erica
thought otherwise. We fleshed it out, but after laboring over it, I finally
suggested that we start fresh on a new idea. Erica continued
to insist that it could still be a song, and a week later she called me and
said, ‘I have lyrics!’”

“It’s just the ultimate love song about meeting someone and knowing immediately
that they are the one and how good it feels when someone is finally treating
you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated,” Elektra says.

Those feelings are crystal clear in Elektra’s performance.

“I put up a mic, played the track, and she sang the whole song in one take,” Klotz
explains. “I hit record and I was absolutely beside myself. Her melody was so
inspiring. It elevated the song to an entirely new level and I’m not even
talking about the lyrics, but the vocal melody on its own! I loved it so much.”

Erica and I have worked together for three years now and I’m
constantly surprised and amazed at our collaboration.  If it were up to me
alone, this song would never have seen the light of day. I’m glad Erica
saw something in my little demo!”

“I Like The Way That You Hold Me,”the latest single by Dream System 8
is out today via Minty Fresh.
The band’s debut album We Sleep Again is also available everywhere now.

Photo credit: Polly Antonia Barrowman