BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR Official Trailer Debut

On Netflix: November 20, 2019

Format: Netflix Original Documentary Film

Run Time: 86 minutes

Director: Eva Orner

Producers: Eva Orner & Sarah AnthonyExecutive Producers: Emma Cooper, Marisa Clifford & Thomas Benski

BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR examines the dramatic rise and fall of the controversial founder of hot yoga, Bikram Choudhury. Arriving in Beverly Hills from Calcutta, India in the early 1970s, Choudhury quickly cultivated a celebrity following and built a global fitness empire that furnished him with extreme wealth. But by the 2010s, as numerous sexual abuse allegations emerged and stories of his aggressive, cult-like training environment surfaced, the lawsuits started to mount and Choudhury’s unorthodox teaching style became front-page news. Directed by Academy Award® winner Eva Orner (Taxi to the Dark Side, Chasing Asylum) and produced by Sarah Anthony (The Price of Free, The Defiant Ones), BIKRAM: YOGI, GURU, PREDATOR, a Netflix original documentary, shines a light on the stories of the women who took him down and explores the contradiction of how this healing discipline could simultaneously help and hurt so many.

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