Matt Besser’s New Comedy Special, Pot Humor

Meet the improv guru behind Kanye’s first (and last) comedy pilot

As you may (or may not!) remember, Kanye West tried his hand at improv back in 2008, with an untitled passion project to be aired on HBO. His series, he claimed, was going to embody the comedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the drama of Entourage… and also the fashion of Sex in the City.

In an attempt to hone his comedic skills for his magnum opus, Kanye (aka the self-proclaimed “black Larry David”) turned to improv master and Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder Matt Besser for help. Despite private in-house improv lessons, it became pretty clear that comedy was not up Kanye’s alley. But maybe, in an alternate reality, Jesus Is King would have been the title of his standup special.

Luckily, Matt Besser’s new comedy special, Pot Humor, is out now in this reality, and can be found on AppleTVYouTube, and more (via the Comedy Dynamics Network)! His “TED Talk for stoners” was filmed at an actual Cannabis Club in Portland, OR, and features A LOT of weed, songs about weed, stoned people, and stories about stoned people.

Watch the trailer HERE.

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