Did you know that CBD oil has many health benefits,
from helping to reduce anxiety to helping those with ADHD? When cooking
with CBD oil, you can still reap the same awesome benefits by having it
conveniently in your food.

This article will point you in the direction of some tasty tips when you’re looking to cook with CBD. Read on to learn how to use CBD oil in the kitchen!

Why CBD?

We’re specifically talking about  CBD coming from the Hemp plant, but
it’s non-psychoactive since it has little to no THC. You can feel more
relaxed and enjoy reduced inflammation. Studies suggest that not only is
CBD great for reducing anxiety, but it’s also a great sleep aid.

1. Try Savory

When you’re searching for CBD products, you’ll often notice CBD baked goods and candy since
it’s easy to mask the bitter flavor. You can also use CBD in savory
dishes. Add it to salad dressings, pasta sauces, or soups.

2. Temperature Matters

Warming the oil too much can kill off some of the components, but
warming it a bit can increase its effectiveness. CBD oil begins to
evaporate at 320-356 degrees F.

Don’t place the oil on direct heat. Also, keep in mind that heating it too much can cause it to be more bitter.

3. Stir Often

When cooking with CBD, stir the oil as much as possible. This ensures
that the oil is evenly placed throughout the batch and not in one

4. Control Your Dose

Even though CBD is non-psychoactive, you still want to be careful to
dose it accurately and start off small. Begin with a low dose in your
food and see how your body responds to it.

5. Use Fat

Since cannabinoids bind well with fat, you’ll want to infuse the oil
with fat or oil-based ingredients. Some options are coconut oil, ghee,
or butter. This will ensure you can receive all the benefits of the

You especially want to extract it into fat if you’re baking. Make sure to use a full-spectrum CBD tincture and drop it into your recipe.

You can get creative with baking. For example, use butter infused with the CBD oil instead of just plain butter.

6. Try It at Night

Since CBD can make you sleepy, it’s best to try it in the evening
with your meals. It’ll take some time to find your ideal dose. Always
wait an hour before trying more oil.

7. Cook Instead of Drizzling

It’s always best to mix the oil into ingredients for the best flavor.
If you’re in a rush, you can drizzle the oil onto your food, but it
won’t taste as good.

Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

Cooking with CBD oil is a great way to achieve the benefits of the
oil without having to worry about how to take it or trying a creative
new way of taking it.

Whether you or your pet need CBD oil, check out our products today.