If you had spent most of your life living in the jungle and then suddenly you are sent to live in the city you too might stick out like a sore thumb. Such is the case for Dora (played by Isabela Merced). Her parents think that the move will be good for her. Little do they know that they will need their daughter more than ever.

High school is a thing of mystery for Dora. She has a hard time fitting in. Despite her cousin Diego’s (played by Jeff Wahlberg) help. When her class makes a field trip to a museum it seems like she is finally going to be in her element. She is until she and Diego along with two of her classmates are kidnapped by a band led by Powell (played by Temuera Morrison).

Dora, Diego, Sammy (played by Madeleine Madden) and Randy (played by Nicholas Coombe) are brought to Peru where Dora’s parents, Elena (played by Eva Longoria) and Cole (played by Micahel Pena), are. A treasure hunter believes Dora and her parents can lead them to the lost city of gold. Let the exploring and adventures begin!

Hard to believe it but those who grew up with Dora the Explorer are now young adults themselves. The series began in 2000. Now fans are in their teens. In high school or college themselves. Ready for a different Dora and different adventures. More grown up ones.

Obviously the most important part of this is Dora. She has to be so energetic and up that it verges on annoying. Possible for an animated character. A little trickier for a human. Isabela Merced fills big shoes here. Proves herself up to the task.

The spirit of the animated series is kept here. Dora even speaks to the audience just like the show did. Sometimes the attempts at humour do not work but for the most part it is fun and entertaining.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Bloopers
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • All About Dora
  • Can You Say Pelicula?
  • Dora In Flower Vision
  • Dora’s Jungle House