Hers is a name which brings one directly to the music of Canada’s East Coast. A mix of folk and fiddle. Sounding very much like Irish music. For decades her career has been built upon that sound and her skills at playing the fiddle. She has won numerous awards over the years which solidify her popularity and musicianship. This is her fist solo release in eight years. Her time has been taken up by her seven kids and working with her husband Donnell Leahy of the famous Leahy family. The make up of Sketches should be familiar to fans of her work in that it is a mix of original and traditional songs. A wonderful take of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. She has set up this album to be a celebration of her life as a musician, mother, wife and friend. MacMaster will take you on a musical journey of her life. A journey always tinged with a Celtic sound.