The Divine Fury @ Blu-ray Edition

MMA and exorcism? Really?!? Together?!? Yup! In the film world they believe that anything can be put together. No matter how absurd it seems. Of course in this one an MMA fight helps an exorcist combat evil. Now it makes sense…right??? LOL! I know, not really, but strap in and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

Bumpy in that I expected this to be a complete waste of time. Mostly because of the idea of combining MMA and exorcism. I judged this book by its outlandish cover.

A weakness is the run time in that it is over 2 hours. Not really needed in the case of a film like this with a rather simple storyline. That being said, it does not drag very often though. Director Joo-hwan Kim keeps things moving and interesting. That plus the fact that they two male leads work well together on screen make this a watchable film. They make their relationship believable. Especially liked the little touches of humour that were injected. It all looks great too with above average cinematography for a film of this sorts. The only part of the film which was underdeveloped was the villain. While the actor does a good job the story is not up to snuff here. Makes the bad guy less scary than he should be to serve the story best.

When he is young Yong-hu (played by Seo-Joon Park) turns away from his faith after the death of his father. The one thing he believes he can believe in is himself, so he goes with that. He grows up to become a title holding fighter. All that he wants, he gets. Then things change once weird wounds appear on his hands.

Puzzled he truns to a priest. Father Ahn (played by Sung-ki Ahn) has a reputation and Young-hu hopes he can help explain the wounds which are quite painful. Soon the fighter finds himself in the middle of his toughest battle.

Special Features:

-Making Of

-Behind the Scenes


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