The show premiered on NBC in 2015, so in its fourth season it has come into its “mature” period. Meaning it knows who it is as does its audience. Sorta like a marriage, that after a certain number of years you settle in and know what to expect. You don’t come to a show like Blindspot for family drama. It is an FBI procedural show.

What makes it a little different from your typical FBI show is the high concept premise of a naked, fully tattooed woman found in NYC’s Times Square who has information (mostly in the form of her tattoos) which help the FBI solve cases. Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander) ends up being a plant by her adoptive mother in an attempt to take down the U.S. government.

Still with me? Well, in season four we have gone beyond the original premise. The show has evolved. Yet it still manages to remain different from other FBI. With little touches and details that other shows don’t do.

Season four begins with a jump ahead of three months from the end of season three. Jane is Remi and figures out that Sandstorm is no longer operational. Though they are still having to deal with the maniacal Madeline Burke (played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), even though she is behind bars. A plan she initiated is still ongoing, so they will try to stop it.