New video! EL-JAY “My Bae Remix”

“My Bae Remix” Featuring Shorty Mack
is the first single of his the latest project called “Intentions”
from El-Jay Check out the video for “My Bae Remix”, produced by
Trequik and directed by Christopher Jackson. National Recording Artist El-Jay
is a man with many talents under his belt. A man that truly understands that
it’s not all about the music, but more about the fans getting to know the
artist as a person, in order to really relate to them. 

The California native has been around the
entertainment industry all of his life. His father is multi platinum recording
artist “Rome” who’s big hit song was “I Belong To You.”
With this being said, El-Jay was born to do this along with acting and dancing.

El-Jay has been on many Disney shows like Sonny
With A Chance and Hannah Montana, he was on the popular game show “Minute
To Win It” and he has also done lots of mainstream commercials as well.

As for the music, it speaks for itself on so
many different levels. His style is unique which creates a serious curiosity,
on how this is all going to play out.

His new single “My Bae Remix” Featuring Shorty Mack is nothing short of candy to a woman’s ears. Its nice to see someone showing love to the females and not low key dissing them.

El-Jay’s high-energy Neo-Soul, R&B and Pop
flow music captures the heart and transport audiences back in time as era of
classic soul. Entertainment and music have always been present in El-Jay¹s life
as he began to demonstrate creativity while showing interest in acting, music,
and modeling at an early age. Apart from teaching himself how to dance at the
tender age of five, El-Jay drew inspiration from Michael Jackson. He began to
mimic Michael’s every move and entertained others with his adaptation of this
well-known artist. El-Jay was born in Northridge, California and being the
oldest of three children of multi-platinum artist, Rome, whose big hit was
“I Belong to You”, he has a lifetime of musical influence from his

During his middle and high school years, El-Jay
put music on hold and jumped into athletics. After his first year of college,
he was drawn back to his musical roots and he picked up where he left off with
his singing, writing, acting, modeling and dancing. Given El-Jay’s raw talent and
true nature, his real potential came to the fore when he had the opportunity to
sing on Rome¹s independent album “To the Highest” as well as
“People of This World’ video. El-Jay was featured in the movie “Never
Heard” directed by Josh Webber and his song was on the official soundtrack
of the movie. He also appeared in major TV shows, countless commercials and
music videos with over 700 million views including “Swang” by Rae
Sremmurd, “F with Your” by KidInk, “Bio Terra Commercial”,
and “Jay The Cheater”. El-Jay landed his first lead movie role in
“Babylon” portraying a character named Legend.  

In 2018, El-Jay won the Hollywood Music Media
Award for Best Rap/Hiphop, while his hit singles, “My Bae: Remix”
with 41 million streams. Recently, he released new album “Intentions”
which is projected to be a full of radio smash hits. Also, he will be dropping
two other singles from his Album “Intentions” first quarter of the
year, “Waste No Time” and “Special”.

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