City on a Hill: Season One

Boston has been a city which has been often represented in film and on television. That is because it is of particular character. I mean in regards to people and places. Full of interesting people and places. This translates on screen. So it is not really surprising that this Showtime legal/crime series is set in Boston.

Boston in the 1990s is where we are transported to. It is a city filled with corruption and racism. As such crime was rampant. The turning a blind eye on crime is about to change with arrival of a new assistant district attourney. DeCourcy Ward (played by Aldis Hodge) arrives from Brooklyn and aims to clean things up. He teams up with veteran FBI agent Jackie Rohr (played by Kevin Bacon). This is surprising as Rohr is pretty corrupt himself.

First cases they take on involve a series of armoured car robberies. Soon they begin to realize that anyone who is anyone in the criminal law system in Boston is involved in this.

Main reason to watch the series is Kevin Bacon. He does a great job here. He and Aldis Hodge have great chemistry and are highly watchable as a “couple”.

Besides the two main characters the rest of the cast is also decent. The storylines are interesting and have a gritty feel to them.

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