Carmen y Lola @ image + nation

A love story between two young roma (Spanish gypsies) girls. Being gypsies there are strict roles in regards to gender. They are supposed to be married young and have plenty of children. Lola (Zaira Romero – first film) is 16-years-old (almost 17) and is trying to get out of the gypsy way of life by going to school so she can become a teacher. Her father Paco (Moreno Borja – first film) just wants her to stop school, work at the family produce stand and find a boy to marry.

Little does he know that his daughter is not interested in working at the family stall because she wants to fly away and live somewhere near the sea. And she is not hanging around with the boys because she is gay. Actually, she is attracted to Carmen (Rosy Rodriguez – first film), an 18-year-old who is engaged to Lola’s cousin Rafa (Juan Jose Jimenez – first film).

Though Carmen is initially not into having a relationship with a woman, that soon changes and the two are going down a path which will lead to them being rejected by their families and ostracized in their community.

Being rejected by your family and community is not exclusive to the Spanish gypsies. There are many like this throughout the world. The story here is equal parts disturbing and moving. Lovely scenes of first love interspersed with scenes of ignorance and homophobia.

Almost the entire cast is made up of gypsies, who are not professional actors. They add a sense of realism to the film.

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