A short film about an Elvis Presley impersonator

Produced by Colonelle films

Colonelle filmsTravelling Distribution and CBC DOCS are pleased to present King Lajoie, a short film written and directed by Joannie Lafrenière, produced by Fanny Drew and Sarah Mannering. Presented as a world premiere in competition at the RIDM – Montreal International Documentary Festival and at the FICFA – Festival international du cinéma francophone en AcadieKing Lajoie is now available onCBC GEM.


King Lajoie delves into the kitschy universe of an Elvis Presley impersonator who has been shaping his life around his idol for over 40 years. Through the prism of quirky characters, we are immersed into the story of Elvis Lajoie and his surprising fanaticism. We get to know a man who lives in true symbiosis with his idol, with whom he shares much more than a name.

Trailer: vimeo.com/359210640

About filmmaker Joannie Lafrenière

Documentary filmmaker and photographer Joannie Lafrenière loves humans. Her work is influenced by an anthropological approach. In recent years, she has directed for television and the web, and she has collaborated on many different independent projects. Her latest films, The Woman Who Saw the Bear and Snowbirds have been screened at major festivals across Canada and internationally. Joannie lives, works, and plays in Montréal, Canada–but she has been known to escape to faraway places.

For more information: jlafreniere.ca


Short film written and directed by Joannie Lafrenière

Quebec, Canada / 26 minutes / 2019 / Original French version – with English subtitles

Cinematography: Joannie Lafrenière | Sound: Marie-Pierre Grenier, James Duhamel | Editing: Sophie B. Sylvestre | Art direction: Nathalie Dubé | Sound mix: La Gabatine | Music: Gervaise | Producers: Fanny Drew, Joannie Lafrenière, Sarah Mannering | Production: Colonelle films, CBC Docs | Distribution: Travelling Distribution

Website: jlafreniere.ca/en/director/king-lajoie

Available on CBC GEM starting December 6: cbc.ca/shortdocs/shorts/king-lajoie