Take This Waltz – Blu-ray Edition

Canadian actress and director Sarah Polley has achieved much success over the years in her career, even having her film “Away From Her,” nominated for an Oscar. She returns as a director and writer on her latest project “Take This Waltz,” a story about a housewife caught up in a bittersweet love triangle and faced with a choice of two kinds of love.

Margot (Michelle Williams) is a simple middle class housewife whose husband Lou (Seth Rogen), writes cookbooks that only include recipes for chicken dishes. While on a trip, Margot randomly meets a guy named Daniel (Luke Kirby). Upon returning home, they are both shocked to learn that they live a few houses away from each other. While her married life is mundane and her husband lacks a certain emotional maturity, Margot and Daniel intentionally set up their schedules to “accidentally” bump into each other on a regular basis. Margot still makes efforts to connect with her husband on an intimate level, but her advances are always re-buffed and she is left feeling disconnected from him.  Daniel, however, is able to communicate with Margot on a different level that encourages an emotional connection between the two of them. As time passes, she becomes more and more confused as to which direction to take.

Many people will surely agree that relationships are not easy. There are all kinds of challenges that can arise, especially after some time, people get used to one another and don’t make much effort anymore. This is a recipe for disaster or lots of unhappiness if there isn’t proper communication.

The movie was quite slow at times, but it really does display these issues and the complexities in a relationship that can lead to such situations. Sarah Polley and her actors did a good job in presenting a film that was simple yet complex at the same time.

Special Features:

-Making of Take This Waltz



-Photo Gallery.

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