“With the SCI six-month break coming up in 2020, I decided to branch out and develop some ideas on my own,” says Kyle. “I love the ability to try different styles and feels with my solo band, it helps me be centered with the mothership of SCI. With this EP, I was just throwing out a collection of songs that speak of where I am right now in my writing, just a fun project to bring in the new decade. From old school prog rock to ’90s alt grunge…hope you enjoy it.”

Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist of The String Cheese Incident, starts the new decade with a fresh batch of songs. Appropriately titled 2020, Hollingsworth’s new EP ranges stylistically from the Emerson, Lake & Palmer-influenced prog organ tune “Tufnel’s Retreat,” to West Coast Soul to hip album rock, available in February 2020 on SCI Fidelity Records.

“Tufnel’s Retreat” was originally brought about with SCI at the band’s famous studio, “The Lab,” but finally came to fruition with the help of Hollingsworth’s solo project. The heavy guitar, sweeping synths, and rock organs are reminiscent of the early days of Deep Purple or Edgar Winter Group. The track is a journey through many movements, from uptempo to swing to an almost fugue-like section, before it whips back again for the final rousing head. It’s a trip worth taking!