Over the past decade or so American band The Black Keys has established itself as one of the most popular rock outfits today. To say that their ninth album, their first in about five years, was highly anticipated is an understatement, to say the least. So when this album, ‘Let’s Rock’, came out this past summer fans and critics took notice. Though there was some time between albums the sound here on the 12 tracks is like they have not been away at all. Drummer Patrick Carney and singer/guitarist Dan Auerback have established their reputation as a straightforward rock outfit. Nothing is different here. Recorded in that magic music city of Nashville, the album is a simple one with an emphasis on Auerback’s guitar playing. Fantastic collection of riffs. Rock ‘n roll at its purest! The time off has not meant the two have lost any of their passion for recording together or music in general. Great beats and uplifting lyrics. What more could a fan of rock music or music in general ask for? You’ll enjoy every track.

Track Listings

1. Shine a Little Light
2. Eagle Birds
3. Lo/Hi
4. Walk Across the Water
5. Tell Me Lies
6. Every Little Thing
7. Get Yourself Together
8. Sit Around and Miss You
9. Go
10. Breaking Down
11. Under the Gun
12. Fire Walk with Me