As you know, the competition is heating up in the world of plant-based meat alternatives — Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Burger King, Subway — but what about other smart alternatives to feed our planet, like pet food? 

Wild Earth, a biotech-driven vegan pet food company, has just announced the launch of the world’s first high protein, meat-free dog food:

The mission-driven company, who is utilizing plant and fungi-based proteins to produce clean and sustainable pet food, has been gaining widespread attention from scientists, environmentalist and consumers, and they’ve even gained attention from Dallas Mavericks owner, investor & head “shark” on ABC Shark Tank, Mark Cuban:

“I invested in Wild Earth because they have the potential to transform the pet food industry just like Beyond Meat has transformed the meat industry. The release of their flagship product, a clean, high protein dog food, is a huge milestone for the whole pet food industry.”

We choose to go meat-free for ethical reasons, to improve our health, or for the welfare of the planet, so why not make the same choice for our pets? Many consumers, due to popular advertising campaigns from companies like Blue Buffalo and Crave, believe that dogs need meat. What they actually need is protein, and most are not aware that dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. Requiring a meat-based diet for your pet is a myth, one that Wild Earth of course feels quite strongly about