Double Feature: Bad Boys & Bad Boys II – 4K Ultra HD Edition

Bad Boys directed by Michael Bay:

Way back in 1995 when this buddy/cop/action flick was released it was considered all that and a bag of chips. This was the film that established Will Smith as a bonafide action star. He had shown previously in his television show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air he could do comedy and in the film Six Degrees of Separation he could do drama, but this bad boy (you knew that particular pun was coming) made him a star of a different level.

Like most action flicks it doesn’t feature a great story, but the chemistry between Smith and Martin Lawrence is good, the comedy is decent and the action is high adrenaline. It is an enjoyable, turn your brain off watch.

Never have two unalike police detectives worked together. Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence – Big Momma’s House, Death at a Funeral) is a family man who does not wear the pants at home. Mike Lowery (Will Smith) is a swinging single. But as partners they work.

These Miami policemen are under the pressure of recovering in 3 days drugs stolen right from the police station. The $100 million in heroin was part of the largest bust these two had ever accomplished, but now it is back in the hands of a criminal. In hot water, if they don’t get it back in 72 hours Internal Affairs will be called in to investigate the case.

Mike and Marcus are after French drug lord Fouchet (Tcheky Karyo – A Very Long Engagement, Taking Lives) for the heroin. At former cop, Eddie Dominguez’s (Emmanuel Xuereb – Natural Born Killers, The Bonfires of the Vanities) house the best friend of a prostitute (Karen Alexander) Mike has asked for help on the case witnesses her being murdered by Fouchet. Julie (Tea Leoni – The Smell of Success, Fun with Dick and Jane) calls the police and will only speak with Mike. Mike is not around and as she has no idea what Mike looks like Marcus pretends to be him. When Mike gets back he has to pretend to be Marcus. To complicate the switching of identities thing, Julie is kidnapped by Fouchet’s men. Time is running out for Mike and Marcus.

Despite the fact that this is basically an action flick the director Michael Bay (Transformers, Pearl Harbor) does a good job weaving comedy into it and having it work. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you have comedic talents like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in your film either. They deliver their rude but funny dialogue well and show their sense of timing in the genre while at the same time running away from bullet fire or beating someone up. Not an easy thing to do.

Lawrence and Smith make a good team. That is why they are now in discussions to do Bad Boys III. It has become quite a little franchise this film about two Miami cops. All this can be attributed to the chemistry between the two. They play well off each other with their different styles. Due to that they lift the film above the quality of the script and even what you would expect from it.

As far as the way it looks goes it has that really stylized feel to it that things like Miami Vice boast. Loud explosions, sharp clothes and fast cars don’t really make up your average detective’s day, but, hey, this is a film.

Despite the chemistry and flashiness there are certain points where the film drags. Not a good thing in an action film. You are supposed to be experiencing adrenaline rush throughout. The story is filled with (at times) painful clichés and is so paint-by-number that it might aggravate some of you out there. But if you turn your brain off as I recommend then you should be able to get some enjoyment out of the film.

Bad Boys II directed by Michael Bay:

Jerry Bruckheimer’s blockbuster movie “Bad Boys” starring Martin Laurence & Will Smith was a huge success. They are back for a second round with “Bad Boys II. It brings more of what we got with the first in that there is action, trash talking, car crashes, laughs, and plenty of bullets whizzing by. This time they are pursuing drug dealers and their bosses in Miami and Cuba. A funny subplot is that Mike (Will Smith) is trying to keep it on the down low the fact that he is dating Marcus’ sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union – Bring It On, Breaking In).

You pretty much know what you are getting with a Michael Bay film. It is going to be big and loud without much substance. Don’t criticize a director for doing what he does. This one ups the ante when it comes to the amount of action involved. There is plenty…and then a little more for good measure. There are some really involved and lengthy car chases. Maybe he relies on that a little too much, but….it is a Michael Bay film not a Martin Scorsese.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Audio Commentary by Director Michael Bay
  • “The Boom and The Bang of Bad Boys”
  • Three Music Videos
  • Original Theatrical Trailers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Production Diaries
  • Stunts and Visual Effects Featurette
  • Jay Z “La-la-la” Music Video
  • Sequence Breakdowns

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