Song Suffragettes Release Cover Video Of Taylor Swift’s “The Man”

Watch Video Here

All-female, singer-songwriter collective, Song Suffragettes has produced a new version of Taylor Swift’s song “The Man” from her current album Lover.  Seventeen Song Suffragettes provide vocals on the track that was produced by fellow Song Suffragette Tasji. The song is available everywhere music is streamed or sold.

Song Suffragettes also produced a music video in support of the song with a humorous and empowering take on bad behavior in the workplace.  The music video features all 17 performers on the song (women listed in order of appearance in the music video): Chloe Gilligan, Sarahbeth Taite, Reyna Roberts, Maddison Krebs, Tasji, Regan Stewart, Emily Brooke, Erin Grand, Caroline Marquard, Mia Morris, Michelle Pereira, Nora Collins, Gray Robinson, Raquel Cole, Stevie Woodward, Lexi Lauren and Carter Faith.

The female empowerment themes of “The Man” aligned perfectly with the Song Suffragettes mantra of #LetTheGirlsPlay.  Says Helena Capps, Song Suffragettes’ VP, “With our past cover of Keith Urban’s ‘Female’ and our original song ‘Time’s Up’ , we took a more serious approach to female empowerment, but when we heard ‘The Man’, we decided it was time to do something fun. As usual, our Song Suffragettes alumnae didn’t hesitate to be a part of this project, which speaks again to the solidarity of our female singer-songwriters as they continue to strive to make their voices heard within the music community.”

Song Suffragettes remains at the forefront of the disparity and discrimination debate surrounding females in the country music genre.  PBS NewsHour showcased Song Suffragettes in a story earlier this year about Nashville’s gender imbalance. ELLE Magazine prominently featured Song Suffragettes in their November 2018 issue with a story titled “The Women of Nashville’s Music Scene Are Calling Time’s Up.” In December 2018, National Public Radio (NPR) touted Song Suffragettes nationally in a Morning Edition piece called “Female Country Music Singers In Nashville Navigate Gender Bias To Be Heard.”

About Song Suffragettes
Song Suffragettes is a collective of female singer-songwriters that performs every Monday night at The Listening Room Café in Nashville, TN.  In just five years, Song Suffragettes has showcased over 240 talented women out of more than 1,400 who have submitted to play the show.  With weekly sell-outs and a mantra of #LetTheGirlsPlay, Song Suffragettes vocally combats wide-spread discrimination against women in the music industry by giving female talent a place to play, grow and evolve with fellow creatives. Since its inception, 16 Song Suffragettes women have gone on to receive record deals and more than 40 have landed music publishing deals.  With over 3 million views on their YouTube channel, Song Suffragettes was named by Billboard magazine as one of “Next-Gen Nashville: 16 People, Places and Things Shaking Up Music City”.  Featured in ELLE, USA Today, Washington Post,, Boston Globe and on PBS NewsHour and NPR, Song Suffragettes continues to fight for female talent to be heard throughout the country and beyond.

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