Katy Perry: The Outrageous World of Katy Perry

From the daughter of a preacher to a struggling gospel singer to one of the biggest stars in the pop music world, that is the path of Katy Perry. But if you know anything about her you know that it wasn’t exactly a linear line to success.

Released in 2013 this is 62 minutes which attempts to give you a clear picture of how Katherine Hudson became Katy Perry. Directed by Orchard, it uses interviews (largely with journalists in the music world) and live performance clips. Unfortunately, since it obviously was done without the input of Perry, they tend to repeat over and over giving it the feeling of something just thrown together quickly to cash in on the success of the pop princess.

Whereas Katy Perry: Part of Me really showed her struggle, how she works really hard and goes behind the curtain on her as a person, this one just seems to skim the surface with more about how the journalists feel about Katy Perry rather than allowing her to tell her own story.

The documentary is streaming on Plex

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