Shoot to Marry Trailer

Northern Banner Acquires Canadian Distribution Of
Slamdance’s World Premiere Doc

Heartbroken Canadian Filmmaker Steve Markle Focuses His Camera On Women To Film A Doc And Find The Love Of His Life.


In this real-life romantic comedy, heartbroken and disillusioned documentary filmmaker Steve Markle focuses his camera on women with hopes of finding the love of his life. What begins as a quest for female companionship gradually becomes a wake-up call as Steve’s search for a wife leads him on an unexpected and poignant journey.

“The idea for
the doc grew out of a deep desire to be married. I think spending your life
with someone is beautiful,”
 says filmmaker
Steve Markle. “The concept was
to ask women about their lives, relationships and love and I thought who knows
– if I film with enough women, maybe I’ll click with one of them?”

Over the course of a year, Steve hops from city to city
stumbling through interviews with over fifty unique women. From a firefighter
to a dominatrix, a serial dater to his first-grade secret crush, Steve’s female
subjects share up-close and personal perspectives on love, dating and what it
is to be a woman today.

“After my previous relationship fell apart, I sat on the couch crying for weeks and months, feeling shitty about myself. The voice in my head fed me a constant stream of negative thoughts: You’re not loveable. You’re shit. You’re garbage,” recalls Steve Markle. “At a certain point I felt inspired to put my pain into art and create something. I grabbed my camera and started filming this documentary.”

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