Netflix’s The Circle – Episodes 5-8

The second batch of four episodes of the Netflix’s reality show The Circle aired this past Wednesday and the thrills continued. The catfishing, competitions, rankings, influencers, and chats continued.

Though the series is kinda like others we have seen before like Big Brother the uniqueness is that everything happens online. The contestants are competing against people they never see. As such, they don’t really know if they can trust what they think they know. We, as viewers, know what they don’t know and yet the intrigue is maintained. Who will mess up? Who will figure things out? Who will keep their head? A bunch of questions and because of the human element, they keep multiplying. Though the series happens online it is the human element which makes it interesting.

There is a wide variety of people competing here. A nerd. A hot bisexual woman. A guy who could have been a member of the Jersey Shore cast. A guy pretending to be a shy, but hot girl. A guy pretending to be a hot guy. A professional basketball player. A show like this throws all these different types into one pot and it starts bubbling. That is the fun part.

With the different types of personalities there will definitely be people you love and those you hate. There will be members of Team Shooby. Team Joey. Team Chris. You’ll be totally sucked in! Plus the show definitely knows how to edit things to keep you interested. Episodes have titles like “Sliding into DMs” and “Anonymous Trolling”. They know what they are doing.

People are voted out by their peers. New people come in. New friendships are made and loyalties are solidified. Because there are only 12 episodes things tend to happen quickly. Trivia Night shows you who has the brains. Mercedez finds herself facing criticism for the first time. Influencers have the power to eliminate others, but often it torments them. There is also a highly competitive round of True Confessions played. Plus two players get to connect in person.

Set aside some time Wednesday night (cause you know if you don’t watch it then someone will ruin it for you!) to watch the last set of four episodes, including the finale. Find out who wins the $100,000.

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