Get your Professional Development on at SXSW 2020

New Year is the perfect time to look forward to the future and coming change —
we’ve made some changes of our own at the 2020 SXSW Conference, with a fresh
focus on new elements like the Game Industry Track (March
16-18) and Space Track (March
18-20). And speaking of fresh, we’re particularly looking forward to next week
where we’re rolling out tasty new announcements throughout the coming

If you’ve resolved to build a better you
this year, this year’s debut of the Professional Development Track (March
16-21) promises in-depth training in the creative and leadership skills of

Mark your March calendar with ten of our
favorite sessions in this highly educational track:

  • The Early-Stage Startup’s Guide to PR
    (March 17): This interactive workshop is designed for entrepreneurs who want to
    learn when, how, and why to engage in public relations. Topics range from how
    the media landscape has changed (and what these changes mean for startups) to
    what makes for a newsworthy announcement.
  • The Google Conversation Design
    (March 18): This three hour, hands-on design
    workshop will show you how to design and prototype a brand persona and
    conversational experience. Leadingthis session is Wally Brill, Head of
    Conversation Design Advocacy & Education at Google.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Power Tips
    (March 19): Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, this is a
    must-attend session for users of Adobe’s creative tools. Harness the potential
    of flagship apps Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and learn how to build
    collaborative workflows with Adobe Fonts, Adobe Stock, and CC Libraries.
  • From Inspiration to Reality: Your First AR Effect (March 19): If you want to design, build and share AR experiences, then this is the session for you. Dan Moller with Facebook Spark AR Studio will guide attendees step-by-step as they create at least one AR effect.
  • Tools to Create a Customer Centric Workforce (March 19): Anjali Saraf and Nina Ziebarth-Pavlovich will show how to cultivate customer-first behaviors and thought processes that foster innovation and help to deliver your company’s best effort..
  • The Fastest AI Workshop in the West (March 20): This panel will deliver accelerated introductions to machine learning and deep learning, covering all stages — from data preparation to training to inferencing — with real examples, showcasing the power, and appropriate usage, of both techniques.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment (March 20): Establish an actionable definition of your ideal buyer with Co-presenters Erica Agrodnia and Renee Hrabak of Hubspot — they will show you how to identify shared goals between sales and marketing efforts, and build on this foundation by developing the processes and content strategies to close leads into customers. 
  • Sound Design for Ableton Live (March 20): Industry-leading sound designers will explain their creative processes and best practices for designing presets, instruments, and audio effects in Ableton Live. The panel of professional sound designers will also go into depth on technical aspects of Operator, Wavetable, and Live’s sampling and slicing tools.
  • Accessibility: ‘The Aha’ Moment
    (March 21): In this workshop, internet users with disabilities will test your
    websites to demonstrate if they can or cannot get around. With advice on best
    design practices, it will show you why you should pitch accessibility to your
    company and exactly how to deliver the all-important “aha” moment.
  • Is There an Echo in Here? Building Alexa Skills
    (March 21): This session will teach non-developers about voice applications —
    and how to actually build one. Panelists will discuss best practices for
    designing Voice User Interfaces (VUI) and take you through all the steps of
    creating your very own Alexa Skill.

Attend these Professional Development sessions by purchasing your badge for SXSW 2020. Beat the Friday, January 17 deadline to save $250 on the walkup rate. Students and groups of 10 or more can take advantage of special discounts!

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